Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the nasty ,stinken cat ,.,.omg!!! ewwwww

Hello y'all it's me again well my family saw this cat and it looked hungry soooo my brother feed it some food then it started coming on our porch for days and stared getting ugly and dirty soooo today me my step mom and brothers thought that maybe if we can trick the cat to go some where it will keep the cat away from us and stuff soo we did we got some cat food and my brother was hooding it until like the 10 block we got to we took it to the park and now it's knowwere to be found and well actually we don't care except my little brother Ibraheem hes 10 and he cried because he was sad but he was faking I hint!!!!!! Oh yeah and this is how he looked just alittle 
but just dirtyer with scares.,.,ewww Lol

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