Wednesday, November 6, 2013

my happy day

hello, everyone today is my happy day because i will start my blog on this day and i will have alot of visiters and they will like it,,,,, I think...,,., i will even have alot of shoes,purses,jewery,and even more  dont forget my blogsite,,,, and comment on it please .,.,., and here are some shoes and other thing's you'll like thank you and please tell me how you like them!!! 
    i will be selling these and even more first,second and third person gets a 30% off


Friday, November 1, 2013

my new website

good morning everyone we all know its the first of november !!! a little happy any way im having a new blog called DIVASROCK.BLOGSPOT.COM   Ireally want you to see it and comment on it   its all about girls LOL!!!.,.,
this ma girl
who dosent like these shoes

Thursday, October 31, 2013

my brother erkes me soooo!!!! : (

hey everyone my brother erekes me soooo much like than people thinks i cause the problems but nooooo soo maybe i should goo crazy ..and we always fighting he be tranna hit me with wappens but i dont let him touch me with that stuff
anyway girls always WIN!!!!!!!!
wassup everyone,today u know 10/31/2013 yeah  its the last day of OCTOBER !!!!!! IM SOOO MAD but ill get over. its girls probably crying over octoberrrrr like wow LOL.,.,
anyway today was o.k. in the morning except hearing my brother voice we argue alot really.....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the nasty ,stinken cat ,.,.omg!!! ewwwww

Hello y'all it's me again well my family saw this cat and it looked hungry soooo my brother feed it some food then it started coming on our porch for days and stared getting ugly and dirty soooo today me my step mom and brothers thought that maybe if we can trick the cat to go some where it will keep the cat away from us and stuff soo we did we got some cat food and my brother was hooding it until like the 10 block we got to we took it to the park and now it's knowwere to be found and well actually we don't care except my little brother Ibraheem hes 10 and he cried because he was sad but he was faking I hint!!!!!! Oh yeah and this is how he looked just alittle 
but just dirtyer with scares.,.,ewww Lol

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my mom's baby

HELLO!!!everyone my mom had my baby sister in april and she looks like a pretty buterfly but prettier i love her soooooooooooooo much,like honesty i would give her anything that is my love and i love her more than anything...she makes me soooooo happy at first when she was in my mother stomach,,.,i was dreaming about how she might look and one day i dreamed on a friday,and i woke up saying mom!!!mom!!!i know how she might look seriously she said girl you better get out my face with that lol i said why she dont believe me ...i went back To sleep. by timeit was april 13 the baby was born i saw her, i said ohhh thats why she aint believe me. anyway that's the story with my BOO!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Aasiyah thinks nothing

Hi my name is Aasiyah and I just turned 13.this is my blog all about me and today I helped my grandma clean up her house a little...well today that's all I have to talk about  and thank u for seeing my blog!!! And if u want to add me as a friend my email account is bye